Why visit China

Everybody has heard about the Great Wall, Peking duck and Tiananmen Square, but China offers so much more than that.

Plunge into the fascinating diversity of this vast country and discover the true colours of China:
  1. Stunning nature & landscapes: spend a few days in Guillin and enjoy the peaceful Li river surrounded by gorgeous green karst mountains. Take a luxurious cruise on river Yangtze if you are looking for something more sophisticated.
  2. Cultural heritage: experience life as it was in the 16th century in Suzhou and then “time travel” to the ultra-modern Shanghai. Find out how many warriors you can count in Xian.
  3. Cultural diversity: stop in Hong Kong to shop and soak up the multi-cultural flavour.
  4. Unique fauna and pandas: pay a visit to the pandas in Chengdu.
  5. Spiritual traditions of Tibet: Visit Tibet for breath-taking views and landscapes.
  6. Trans-Mongolian railway: why not start (or finish) aboard the epic Trans-Mongolian railway journey in Beijing.

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