Tours to Mongolia - Enjoy Authentic Nomadic Culture and Genuine Hospitality

Mongolia is open for international travellers. There are no more covid related restrictions.  

If you ever dreamt about immersing yourself in vast desert and endless steppe and sampling life as a steppe-dwelling nomad then Mongolia is the country for you. Along the way you will experience heart-warming hospitality that is increasingly hard to find in our fast-changing world.

Below you will find our group tours to Mongolia. You can use the filters to facilitate your search. If you cannot find any suitable itinerary, please let us know and we will tailor-make a trip to Mongolia for you based on your preferences. Please also note, although all our groups are small, we can still arrange any of the tours listed below on a private basis.

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Terelj National Park - area of magnificent alpine scenery
Naadam Festival – cultural heritage of humanity
Khongor Els - singing dunes
Flaming Cliffs - dinosaur fossils
Yol Valley - the Valley of the Eagles
Karakorum - the capital of the Mongol empire
Erdene Zuu - the first Buddhist monastery
Hustai Nuruu National Park - Przewalski horses
Khovsgol National Park & Lake - outstanding beauty
Dadal – Chinggis Khan's birthplace
Uglugchiin Kherem - graves of historic Mongolian leaders
Tsenkher - natural hot springs
Trans-Mongolian railway

Tour list

Best of Mongolia Jeep Tour: Ulan Bator, National Parks, Gobi Desert and Naadam Festival (MN-02) This is a magical and in-depth 15-day tour of Mongolia which will introduce travellers to the very best that this beguiling country has to offer. Combining modern and historical traditions we will explore the country’s customs, folklore, history and nature.

15 days, from £3,095
The Ultimate Mongolia Jeep Tour: Ulan Bator - Terelj - Gobi Desert - Karakorum - Hustai (MN-01) This exciting 15-day tour brings together the very best of modern and historical Mongolia via its customs, folklores, history and nature. As well as enjoying the main sights, we will also explore the fascinating national parks & the Gobi desert. Join us on this exciting Mongolia exploration tour.

15 days, from £2,695

Highlights of Mongolia Jeep Tour: Ulan-Bator - Gobi - Karakorum - Hustai (MN-03) Mighty Mongolia is huge and this exciting 10-day tour explores the best of it in a short period of time. Bringing together the very best of modern and historical Mongolia travellers will experience a wealth of different activities and sights.

10 days, from £1,995
Best of the Gobi by Air - Exploration Tour with Luxury Accommodation (MN-07) This short adventure packs a lot into a few days. By the end travellers will understand this fabled part of the earth as well as appreciating Mongolian culture. This tour is most suitable for travellers who highly value comfort during their holidays and prefer less driving.

7 days, from £3,645

A Taste of the Gobi by Air - a Short Acquaintance with the Desert (MN-08) The Gobi Desert is a legendary place. Feared as uninhabitable yet attracting travellers with its myths and folklore. It is as fascinating as it is forbidding. This tour is suitable for any one wishing to explore the main highlights of the Gobi desert during a short period of time.

3 days, from £1,195
A Classic Four-Wheeled Adventure to the Heart of the Gobi Desert (MN-06) Hit the road with this remarkable journey deep into the forbidding Gobi Desert. We will lead you on an unforgettable journey where no two days are alike and where you will learn the complex nature of this famous desert. This is a road trip like no other!

9 days, from £1,795

In Genghis Khan's Footsteps & Secret History of the Mongol Empire (MN-04) The 13th century founder and Great Khan of the Mongol Empire is one of the most famous men in the history of the world. This tour looks at his legacy, modern Mongolia and the secret history of this fascinating country. Take a trip through time and explore the legends of the khan's rein.

10 days, from £2,195
A Mongolian Rail Adventure - World Energy Centre and Eastern Gobi Exploration by Train (MN-05) The main attraction of the Eastern Gobi is Khamriin Khiid Monastery founded by the famous monk and poet of the 19th century Danzan Ravjaa. It is believed that the energy of the whole world converges at this place. We invite you to board the famous Trans-Mongolian train and explore the area.

4 days, from £595

Mongolia in Winter - Land of Ice, Snow and Winter Festivals (MN-09) This exciting 11-day tour brings together the very best of winter activities and major cultural events of Mongolia taking place every year in March – ice and camel festivals. If you are brave enough and are not afraid of cold, do not miss a unique chance to experience these traditional winter events!

11 days, from £1,995