Trans-Mongolian Tours - a Journey Through a Quarter of the Globe

The Trans-Mongolian railway stretches across the three countries of Russia, Mongolia and China. This is your journey of a lifetime experience; a wonderful opportunity to explore sights, sounds and tastes from three of the greatest cultures in the world, through a range of tours we have on offer. You will journey along the trade routes of the longest railway in the world, through ancient Europe, Mongolia and Asia, visiting the important cities along the route and noting the changes of landscape, culture and nature as you travel.

Below you will find our most popular journeys on he Trans-Mongolian railway. Please use the filters to facilitate your search. If you cannot find any suitable itinerary, please let us know and we will tailor-make a Trans-Mongolian trip for you based on your preferences.

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St. Petersburg
Hermitage Museum
Moscow Kremlin - the heart of Russia
The Armoury - collection of Tsar’s treasures
St. Basil's Cathedral - the symbol of Russia
Lenin's Mausoleum and Kremlin Wall Necropolis
Ganina Yama - burial place of the last Russian tsar
Europe – Asia Border – step into two parts of the world
Lake Baikal - outstanding beauty
Taltsy Open Air Museum - masterpieces of woodwork
Irkutsk – the pearl of Siberia
Gandan Monastery
Terelj National Park - area of magnificent alpine scenery

Tour list

Naadam Trans-Mongolian East-West: Beijing - Ulan Bator - Baikal - Yekaterinburg - Moscow (TS-19) The highlight of the Mongolian festival calendar, Naadam dates back several centuries and takes place each year in mid-July. The festival showcases a ceremony of dancers and musicians, and competitions in archery, wrestling and horse riding.

19 days
Best of Trans-Mongolian: Moscow - Yekaterinburg - Irkutsk - Baikal - Mongolia - Beijing (TS-11) On our “Best of Trans-Mongolian” tour, you will visit the important cities of the longest railway in the world from west to east. You will visit the three countries of Russia, Mongolia and China, observing the differences in culture and landscape between each.

17 days

Trans-Mongolian East-West: Beijing - Mongolia - Baikal - Yekaterinburg - Moscow - St. Petes (TS-17) Start your epic Trans-Mongolian discovery from Asia and travel from mysterious China, through endless Mongolian steppes into Siberia and then European part of Russia all the way to St. Petersburg - one of the most beautiful cities in the world with its majestic palaces.

20 days
Highlights of Trans-Mongolian Railway Journey: Irkutsk - Baikal - Mongolia - Beijing (TS-14) The journey of a lifetime, the Trans-Mongolian railway stretches across 3 countries, passing through Russia, Mongolia and China. We offer you a chance to complete this journey of a lifetime in 12 fantastic days starting from Siberia and finishing in Beijing.

12 days

Trans-Manchurian Railway Express: from Moscow via Siberia to Beijing (TS-18) Fantastic opportunity to travel on the Trans-Manchurian railway from Moscow to Beijing non-stop with guided programme in both cities. Settle in your comfortable compartment and enjoy unique natural landscapes, impressive selection of historical and architectural gems passing by.

11 days