Visas to China, Mongolia, Central Asia

China & Beyond has dedicated visa team looking after all required visa applications for our tours. Our visa department can advise on all aspects of obtaining tourist visa: required documents depending on your nationality and residence status, application forms, etc.

All relevant visa fees are included in the cost of our holidays and we check all application packs before they are submitted to the consulates.

Once you book a tour with us, you will receive a detailed guidance on required visas, how to fill in the forms and prepare additional documents if applicable.

Among Central Asian destinations where we operate our holidays, a tourist visa is required to enter China and Russia. Other destinations enjoy visa free regime with most European countries and USA provided the travel period does not exceed a certain period of time, normally 30 days (in Kazakhstan 15 days).

Please read more details below about visa requirements for your chosen destinations. If the country is not listed, please contact us for information.