Typical Mongolian Ger

In the countryside your accommodation will be in a typical ger camp located in scenic areas. Every couple or a single traveller are allocated a private ger unless you are willing to share with other travellers. All ger camps are very similar in their set –up, facilities and services.

A “ger” or a yurt is a traditional, portable dwelling structure used by Mongolian nomads in the countryside, it is their link with the past, future and spiritual world. The central pillar – the smoke hole on the top of the tent is directly directed to cosmic axis and represents highway for spirits as according to Mongolian traditions, the universe is full of invisible spirits and humans have to develop good relationship with them, win them over and not to offend them.

Ger camps we use on our tours are slightly modified for Western travellers, however they do offer a genuinely authentic experience and most of them are situated in picturesque areas. The gers are made of a wooden frame that is covered with felt. Inside they are generally brightly painted and feature two or four single beds, a small table, stools, a lamp, electricity sockets and a stove for heating. You can ask a member of staff to start the fire in your ger at a specified time to make it warm, for example early in the morning before you get up.

Toilet and shower facilities are outside in a separate block, they are basic but are kept very clean. There is both hot and cold water available. Restaurants and bars are located in separate blocks or quite often in larger gers.

Staying in a typical ger really adds to your travelling experience.