Why visit Uzbekistan

  1. Magnificent Old Silk Road cities: Khiva, Merv, Samarkand, Bukhara, all included on the UNESCO World Heritage list.
  2. Visit one of oldest cities in the world – Tashkent. In 2009 the Uzbek capital celebrated its 2,200 year anniversary. It was also the cultural capital of the Islamic world of 2007.
  3. Visit a man-made disaster zone: the rapidly evaporating Aral Sea.
  4. Authentic experiences: practice your haggling skills and buy carpets in the bazaars of Bukhara – dark red is the signature colour.
  5. Authentic natural phenomena: watch the sun go down in Khiva - don’t miss your chance of capturing the best pictures of your journey!
  6. Mouth-watering Central Asian food: the ubiquitous shashlik, plov, nan bread, exotic fruits.
  7. Interesting facts: Uzbekistan is the most populous Central Asian country and is one of the world's biggest producers of cotton.
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